What Advance Sales & Consulting can do for you
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Advance Sales & Consulting can help you reformulate your business plans and develop a new growth strategy in line with your current and future business needs. This can link to your current product range or manufacturing requirements.


Sales teams need 'smart' goals and objectives that stretch their true potential but are achievable and realistic. I can help your business put plans in place, set KPIs and performance review systems and strong pipelines that match your business needs.


It may be practical in the first instance to review your team's current potential and see what training and development needs are required, so they are capable of helping you take your business to the next level. You may also need to restructure, I can help you with this.


Did you know that in a meeting, body language will represent 55% of the outcome and words only 7%? Therefore your sales staff need to be dynamic in their approach and be able to understand the needs of your customers quickly. This can be gained through NLP training (Neuro-Linguistic Programming). The ability to build rapport quickly is a powerful tool in business, I can also help you with this.

It's time to take the next step - I can help you make a difference
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Is your business performing to your expectation and are all your departments working as a team?

Do your senior managers and directors take full responsibility and ownership of their areas of expertise? Are plans achieved and reviewed regularly and in the timescale agreed? Or are the business objectives, not even formally recorded, so monitoring and analysing is difficult! Advance Sales & Consulting can help you formalise these plans and help your team focus on the goals required.


With Advance Sales & Consulting, you can arrange a one to one to discuss your requirements.

We can then decide together what is the best course of action to take and agree a plan moving forward.

Take the first step and make contact - to make a difference you need to do something different!

Practice Areas
  • Sales strategy

  • Sales KPI's and pipelines

  • Improve your team's sales performance

  • Pricing and ​commercial structure

  • Coaching & Mentoring

  • Sales training

  • Appraisal systems

  • NPD development

  • Board support (NED) - Non-executive director